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Here, on the Wiki section you can find all sorts of information about the inner workings of Grid Editor or about how to work with lua code.

Most of this information pertains to creating your own configurations within Grid Editor, either by code or just using Action Blocks. For navigating this Wiki, please use the search bar if you know, what you're looking for. Or if you're just browsing we recommend starting with the bigger articles at the bottom of the sidebar or with the guides in the Guides section of this page. Many articles here are cross-linked to help you understand the connection between the Grid Editor concepts of Actions and Events and the like.

This Wiki is still a work in progress, but in time it should be the go-to source of information for everything related to Intech Studio products. Until then, please direct any feedback you have to our social media channels, discord sever or just drop us an email at

Many thanks, and we'll hope you find this place useful on your journey of learning Grid Editor!

The Intech Studio team