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Code Block


A Code Block is a special type of Action Block that makes it possible to program complex actions with the help of lua scripting and specific Grid variables and functions. You can find a comprehensive guide to lua 5.4 and a reference manual to Grid functions and variables.

This is the Code Block in the Grid Editor Action Chain

When using a Code Block you should be pressing the Commit button every time you'd want to exit the code editor and you want your code to be saved. When pressing commit, Editor will try and run your code, and will report back with simple error messages.

The LUA not OK message will appear when there's something wrong with the syntax of the submitted code, or parts the code is referencing might not exist in the form your code is trying to call it.

When scripting in the code editor it will try and suggest functions and variables. Sometimes these suggestions are incorrectly formatted, so exercise caution when using these.

This is the Code Block coding enviroment in Grid Editor

Any Action Block in Grid Editor can be reduced back to a Code Block using the Merge as Code button when one or more Action Blocks are selected. This can be helpful when trying to fit into the character limit of a given configuration, as Merge to Code will reduce your character count by at least 10% sometimes by more.

Be careful!

Using the Merge to Code function of Grid Editor will irreversibly change all the selected Action Blocks into a Code Block, with no way to change them back.

On the Reference Manual Entry tab for Code Block, you can find a variety of Grid Editor functionality only accessible with lua code in a Code Block.